I try to fly but it always try’s to go everywhere where and seems like my phone is never calibrated and it never really goes where I want it to.

Hi & welcome!

I recommend you take a look here, as we’ll need way more details than that to help you.


Please, I beg of you, include these details in your support request. We’re not magic and can’t know this (extremely important) information without you telling us.
Please edit this post to include:

  • Device brand and model
  • Current operating system
    Ex. iPad Pro 9.7, iOS 10.3 Beta 4

Note any modifications, ‘rooted, or jailbroken’ custom ROM, or third party apps installed such as screen recorders, etc.

Screenshots are welcome and may help your problem get solved quicker.
Also, please include the steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot without success.


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