Problem with yoke (Saitek pro 2000)

I found an problem with my yoke (saitek pro 2000) it Is automaticly pressing a button. I can’t install any buttons now due to the button. Is there any way to disable the setting to automaticly install a button?
Has anybody else had this yoke and the problem? Any help is appreciated!

Hi there, could you let us know what button it is that is pressing down on your Saitek 2000? Possibly even a photo of the button?

To be more direct: If that button is in a constant state of press then there will be no possible way for you to set any other controls as it will just be canceled out by the pressed button as soon as you attempt to set it, this is under current in-app configurations set by the developers.

Your focus should be on fixing the button that is causing the issues. If you would like to PM I can help you troubleshoot the issue the best I can if you need a second set of knowledge but as far as this post goes it may be closed as it is not an issue with the Infinite Flight app itself but rather your hardware.

Hey, I’m not actually sure about this but next time please use #thirdparty instead of #support as its for in-game bugs etc :)

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