Problem with winds while taking off

Hey, so i was taking off from lax but there was some wind to my left tilting the plane to the left so i used the rudder to gain control to my right but it only made it worse…could someone help me ? What did i do wrong ?

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Anticipation. Anticipation is key so keep that thumb on the rudder. if there is a wind from left to right. expect yaw to the left. Therefore, place your thumb further left on the slider before rolling to give you more leverage if you know what I mean.

Another key item to crosswind takeoffs is to turn your controls to the direction of where the wind is coming from. As you rotate let the plane lift off the leeward wheel before the windward wheel and allow the plane to fly in a crabbed angle so you can track straight without needing rudder.

On the ground, nose wheel turning effectiveness can be manipulated by your elevator inputs to if you tilt foreward the nose wheel may have more bite.


Ok will try next time…thank you!

Don’t be afraid to do take off after take off after take off in solo to just experiment and practice

Yeah…i got my landing okayish by solo practice…now need to get take off done

In addition to the answer above, also don’t forget your “rudder thumb finnesse”, a bit hard to do but you gotta feel the yaw from 0% to 100, even though your thumb will only move about an inch or so, to avoid being bounced around catapulted sideways in IF.

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Okay…will do

I don’t have good experience with rudder yet…If it’s really bad I switch on my heading auto pilot, it does the job. :) make sure to set right heading unless you want to go where ever it was tilting towards

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I usually turn on hdg

Don’t do that.
This may wel be the reason for your issues.

Its good practice to pre-set your initial departure altitude in your AP, but no AP buttons should be on during takeoff.

Make it a habit of doing the takeoff and initial climb by hand. First of all it’s fun, and secondly the control you have over the aircraft is much better. Once you’re at a good climb and your speed is increasing well, activate your AP.


will do…

You need to practice more using the rudder. If there are strong winds if you use your rudder and hold it in place just before you rotate this will ensure you have a smooth and straight out lift off without being pushed around. Might be worth me recording it if it will help you l?

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yea…will practice more

Do you want me to record a takeoff so you can see how I use the rudder?

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if its not too much trouble…:)

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