Problem with user being not to act?

Hello Guys,

I’am curently on G & T in EGLL and I have a user that won’t stop pressing any comm button on its panel on purpose and that makes the control impossible. What are my options ?

Thank you.

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Well, that sounds about right.

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Assuming this is on training server, unfortunately there is not much that can be done regarding users spamming the frequency.

If you are looking to practice with the intention of joining IFATC in the future then I strongly recommend you look into creating an ATC Tracking Thread with more details on how to do so, found below:

This way, you can open a less popular airport and announce it on your thread to still get traffic which therefore in turn should hopefully avoid most of the users who may not know how to communicate with ATC properly.

If you are also training for IFATC, I would strongly recommend avoiding EGLL, KLAX and other large popular airports like the above as these are usually the first airports that new users spawn at.

Take care!


I’m going to say you on training in that case just switch to another airport or wait until he gets bored and leaves.

Thanks, I did leave. I am guessing he wanted to get the frequency for him. Very effective way.

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