Problem with user account?

can’t load flight or atc (only become loading screen). Device restarted and app reinstalled.

Tried over wifi and cellular. Internet connection seems to be ok (e.g. youtube works fine).


Have you tried spawning at another airport with another aircraft?

Different airport, different airplane. Waited for 10 mn.
Also different server.

Hey what device are you using and what software are you running it on

IOS 11.2.6
Ipad pro
Enough free space

Have any of you tried clearing your device’s network settings?

Reset Network Settings

From the home screen, tap Settings.

  • -> Scroll down to, then tap General.
  • -> Scroll down to, then tap Reset.
  • -> Tap Reset Network Settings.
  • -> Tap Reset Network Settings to confirm.

Restart your device and relaunch Infinite Flight.

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Thanks Chris, cleared scenery cache after 2nd reinstalling the app.
Now it works

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