Problem with updating textures

With new Dash-8 Q400 there are also updated textures for S7,Saudia,Aeroflot,Etihad,etc.I downloaded the update and bought new Dash-8,everything was ok.I downloaded A319 and A320 again and there were no changes in textures,how can i fix it?P.S.IOS version is the latest (9.2).I deleted IF and downloaded it again,deleted IF with my mac,but result was the same

When I downloaded IF again, the graphics for the aircrafts were on low, check the graphics for the aircrafts on the respective tab.

Yes,graphics were low I set it on very high.No changes( Have you fixed flags on S7?

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What do you mean? I have an S5.

He was talking about S7 the airline.

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Siberian S7 livery for a319.There were wrong russian flags on tail,have you got fixed flags?

I don’t know. How should they look like?

White,blue and red)

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I’ll check later.