Problem with unlisting topics?

I think there might be a bug with unlisting topics here on the ifc. unlisted topics seem to not be disappearing from the list even long after a moderator takes that action. I’m not sure if this is because of the update to discourse or some other thing is causing it. here is some evidence below to include screenshots of topics that are still listed.

This one unlisted a couple weeks ago.

this one was unlisted 2 days ago

Any thoughts on this?


I have seen this as well, but it has only been occurring when I’m on mobile. I think it may be a discourse issue.


Don’t they have to unlist it and close it for it to disappear?

I’m on an iMac right now and seeing the same thing. I’ve also seen it on pc as well.

Nothing new:


good to know. thanks seb for making me aware of the other topic. i must’ve looked over it when i was scrolling through the meta category looking for a similar topic.

update: i flagged for mods to close this topic

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Aren’t those just closed topics and not unlisted?

No, they’re marked as unlisted in the bottom. But for some reason, they stay. No idea why.


Was wondering about this also the other day