Problem with the UI

Hi everyone,
Last night, I did a flight but just before descent I noticed the parking brakes were in engaged. I tapped the button to disengage them but it flickered off and then came straight back on again. Tried multiple times but the same thing happened. Landed safely and just spawned out from the runway as I of course couldn’t taxi. Now this morning, I have just tried to pushback but the same thing happened. The button flickered on and off again. These are the only two that won’t work.

What’s happening?

Sorry, the title should be “problem with the UI” not “problem with the YU”

I FIXED IT! Not sure how :)

Yes this happened to me… I just uninstalled and it went back to normal

If I’m not mistaken, those two buttons tend to line up in the same spot on at least some devices (iPad, for example). My presumption would be it was a hardware issue where phantom touches were being registered on that part of the screen.