Problem with the runway.

Can You guys get this fixed?

hahaha funny picture of the runway but I am sorry to say that I don know he solution of your problem

@Kilt_McHaggis Didn’t you say that this was fixed but we were waiting on the update or something?

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Didn’t you used to be RaptorX?

I get that too! However I get it whenever am near/on the ground

Is this KEDW? If so I updated this about 1 week ago. Will need to wait till next airport update.

It’s 9L2, it’s just north of KEDW

There is no tarmac arows and lights but the biggest problem of all is you are having trouble to land

This has been fixed. There was is a duplicate runway in KEDW. If you fly from North Hangar you will be at the same runway. The KEDW airport no longer has this runway. You will not experience the fix until the next airport release.



I hate that yellow runway. I landed it earlier and the runway looks rotten. Well at least the runway is 39kft long!!!

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