Problem with the new iPad Air

Hello everyone,

I downloaded Infinité Flight on the new IPad Air and I feel that the buttons are smaller. do you think it’s normal? I send you two screenshots (one from an iPad mini and one from the iPad Air) to compare


Sorry about this. We’re looking into fixing support for the new iPads as soon as possible.


What is the new version of the iPad Air?


no problem. Thank you very much for your answer

what do you mean by new version? do you want to say the OS?

We currently have the iPad Air 1st Gen., iPad Air 2… Is there any new version of the iPad Air?

Yes, iPad 3rd gen.

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Yes sir, Apple just recently announced an upgrade to the iPad air and the iPad mini, as well as the new AirPods :)

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Well the answer is now obvious now. Schyllberg confirms that the device is not yet optimised to run
Infinite Flight properly…


yes, it went out on Friday

IPad setting >Displa&brightness >View change it to Zoomed would that make slightly better until you get permanent solutions???

The Developers have to get the device for it to be optimized for IF. Nothing more you can do other than waiting.

yeah… It occur on my Ipad mini 5 also…
make it hard to control…

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