Problem with the game

If you click on the brakes, you should able to turn them on and off. Does it let you do that after it glitches out?

Problem is in the breaks

That’s odd. If the brakes are off, does it work normally when you pushback?

It used to work but now it doesn’t and it doesn’t let me turn the breaks off

And this happens with every plane at every airport?

any airport or plane it happens

Is it possible to upload a video of what happens?

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Have you restarted the game to see if this problem happens again?

I think that I pressed something in the settings of the game

What do you mean

Have you closed the app by double tapping on the home button twice then restarted it and replicated the problem?

If I payed one year for the live flying, if I delete the game and download it again will i lose my money

Yeah it did not work

No you won’t, you can restore purchases. I’ve done it before.

You can redownload it and relog into IF with the log in information you used to set up your account. Then you should be able to restore purchases.

Thanks guys I will try it


I am lorde.


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