Problem with the game

So as i was landing at FMEE the autopilot started going off course and crashed plus the winds was at 2kt then why up to 24kt whiles on windy there wasn’t any strong wind. Does anybody know why i had that problem

Did you calibrate when you were on final.

Also, what was your weight in the plane?

Not sure what weight has to do with any of this.

Were you using any ILS?

The winds are replicated based off the exact winds in that area at that time. Mauritius is a mountainous island, so it’s not impossible for this to happen.

yep. i don’t remember the weight but it was left with 1hr of fuel left

I landed at FMEE not FIMP. it was 1kt on windy then all of a sudden

There really isn’t a way for us to pinpoint the cause of the issue with the information you’ve provided us. Can you show us a replay (or recording)?

You can upload your replay here:

doesn’t allow me to upload file. what’s your instagram i can send it there

How so? Are you following the instructions on that website? You shouldn’t be uploading a replay file directly to the IFC. And I’d much rather keep all the information here on the topic so others can chime in as well about your issue :)

i screen recorded it

Perhaps you could upload that to YouTube?

Are you able to record before when you were entering the glideslope? It also seems you have A/P set speed to 240kts. You should be entering at 170-190kts at 3000ft AGL for the best altitude. Winds are always high at islands like FMEE (Roland Garros.) So seeing gusty winds like that are very common.

It seems to me that you had quite windy conditions; the autothrottle going up and down is compensating for the wind gusts. Bear in mind that surface winds can vary quite a bit compared to winds just a few thousand feet AGL. On, use this scrolly bar to adjust the elevation and see what the winds are at said altitude. And 240kts is quite fast to be landing at; a 777 lands at around 130-140ish kts.

Bear in mind also, that the autopilot doesn’t compensate for the wind. It’ll keep you on a magnetic heading based on your FPL or what you set it to, but the wind can and will throw you off it, thus affecting your true heading.

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 10.11.59 AM

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but before i taking off it was 1kt from surface to 10000ft feet

i also land it at 140 kts

Double check the METAR and weather data online; the in-game information can take a while to update. I quickly Google’d the METAR information for FMEE, and it showed that it was and will be windy all day. Chances are, the in-game information was a bit off.

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but when i checked it wasn’t windy

Where did you check it?

Winds get way higher at above surface level. It seems like you are trying a little to blame it on the app instead.

Runways 14 and 12 were to best option. Which of these did you attempt to land on? I just spawned in for a pattern, I had 3kts Surface Winds but 500-1500ft had 18kts with around 3-4kt gusts.

Also, FMEE’s 14 runway had an ILS. You really should have taken an ILS with strong winds. It will follow the glideslope and localizer all the way in and even land for you if you do not disengage it.