Problem with the app

Hello dear infinite flight staff, I want to report a problem, I have problems with the app when I try to fly, after a few minutes takeoff the app is close automatically and leave the game I have this same problem from 5 months ago and I need a solution, please response as soon as possible to resolve this problem

Hello, this is due to the recent update, there is lots of traffic on the servers!

This means that the chances of the app crashing have increased, it’s likely that things will return to normal within the next few hours shouid everything§ be sorted out by the developers.

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I restarted my device in 5 times and I reinstalled the app in too much time and anything is happening, I takeoff the airplane and in 2 minutes the app is closed automatically I need a better way to resolve this problem
Thank you good night

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I’m sure things will improve in the morning, here is hoping. Good night.

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Hello good morning, the problem is persistent, 1 minutes before takeoff or in the flight plan the app closed automatically, what solutions we’ve for this problem? Thank you for your response and I hope to resolve as soon as possible

Yes, I’m sorry to hear that you still have issues. It looks like it’s going to be longer before things get better.

Are the app crashes already fixed? Because i was taxiing and the app crashed again, and yesterday the app crashed while cruise.

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