Problem with the a320 reverses

Hello! I’ve just updated infinite flight and done a few flights with the a320 but it seems like the thrust reverser are completely black… Does anyone have this problem too?

Pretty sure it’s just the textures used. Whats your graphics settings?

I have all my graphics settings on high

I believe that’s how IF put it. Aka just the textures.

No, I don’t think it always has been this way - nor now. I tried it out with the American Airlines A320-200 on external view, and the reversers deployed and stowed exactly as you’d expect. Only difference might be that I tried it on solo, not a live flight.

So I smell a bug of some sort.


I’m not too sure why, I’m quite certain that it wasn’t like this before the update. I tried it on both solo and live and the outcome was the same.

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