Problem with the 787

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I have a problem with the 787…
Last night i flew from London to Singapore and i noticed that the nose is always a little bit raised so it doesn’t lies horizontal in the air.
Is that normal or have i done some mistakes?

That looks not very comfortable for the passengers so please help me with that.

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Can you give us more information speed,altitude and weight?

The 787 typically flies a bit nose up, along with the 747. They both do this a bit IRL, unless it was a very extreme pitch up

Just make sure your weight and balance are not too far off either, that’ll also have a negative impact on it.

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You need to use trim so the purple is gone, but in real life the aircraft has special flaps that get deployed automatically without the slats extending. It’s normal for the nose to pitch up like like though.


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Airspeed: 320kts
Altitude: 32.000 ft MSL
Weight: 263,586kg or 581,108 lbs

It’s perfecting fine mate, try what I posted before

I didn’t know that cause i play IF since 5 Months

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Your welcome mate, we all learn new things everyday

In Bavaria we say: “ma kutt nia dimmer hoim wia ma futt isch.”

That says absolutely the same



I think your speed is too high for your altitiude. The 787 flies at Mach 0.85 (notice when you pass 28,000 feet the speed is no longer in knots but in mach units). I belive you could be going close to Mach 0.9.

Mach 1.0 is the speed of sound or 343m/s.

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This is very normal. Just shows the great flight physics. If you don’t like seeing it you can always increase your speed.
Happy Flying

From past experience it is.

At 28,000, 300kts is Mach 0.8 exactly.
“ ”, 296kts is Mach 0.785

So, 4kt IAS difference per .15 mach units.
Therefore 320 knots at an every higher altitude would be higher than Mach 0.85.

I’m not sure what you’re on about with the weather? Mach isn’t affected by the winds. You could do Mach 0.78 at 500kts GS or at 450kts GS because of the wind. It’s still Mach 0.78.

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Thank you all so much

Your tips are awesome
I’m glad to have so much help from your side

At cruise the 787 will have a slight nose up attitude. It’s all good. Also, at cruise I find the 787s like 50% positive trim ;)