Problem with TBM 930

I am having a problem with a TBM 930. I have a screenshot attached but it is having rendering issues and will render back to its old self. Does anyone know if this is in the works of being fixed or is this a new problem?
(Old cockpit)

(Current cockpit but not displaying)

Hi! Is this in any other view such as the normal cockpit camera view? Can you also confirm this is your aircraft we are viewing?

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Ya I found an old screenshot

@infiniteflight_17 it also says TBM on the yoke so don’t know what other plane it could be 😂

I think what @Asher means to ask is if it’s your plane in the screenshot and not another user’s aircraft (viewed from free cam, or a secondary camera)

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That’s what I mean. I worded that terribly. It’s 1 AM. 🥲

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That is pretty late

Anyone else know anything?

Answer this question first ;)

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@USA_ATC This is my plane. It was in the cockpit cam and the the camera position would glitch into the head of the pilot. Also this was in solo

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