Problem with subscription

Hi, i have a problem with infinite flight subscription. I bought 1 month subscription like few months ago and today i saw that it is auto renewing so i went to Play store and subscription page say i dont have any active subscriptions anyone have anythibg like this i like infinite flight but it is taking my mony without me even knowing that.

And let’s read the entire post before posting, thanks!

If it’s auto-renewing even though it doesn’t show any subs in Play Store, could it be tied to another Play Store account?


Thanks for help and… you were right i thing it is time dor me to clean up my account having 12 of them is a bit messy 😂 but thanks anyway.

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That sounds very messy indeed.
You should be able to figure out which account it is by trying to find the e-mail receipt being sent to you after every renewal.


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