Problem with steering.

Hello, when i go in game, when i tilt my phone left or right, nothing happens. I go to settings, controls and i click show devices, it says 2 joysticks, accelerometer 2 axes, network controler. Please help i want ro play my favorite flight simulator

Close Infinite Flight and restart. Go to controls after the restart and verify that pitch and roll respond to your respective movements. If that doesn’t work then close all of your apps and restart your device. 😉


This your first time using IF? What phone is it?
2 axis accelerometer and no gyro? You can’t play IF without a gyro. It senses tilt

If you are talking about on the ground there is a settting that may have been changed that disables turning on the ground from left/right because of this you can only turn using the rudder

Sometimes infinite flight has problems with older devices. When I had my galaxy note 2, the accelerometer within the phone at some point stopped registering with the app. If your phone is more than 3 years old, I would recommend upgrading if possible. But before that, if restarting the app doesn’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling infinite flight.

That’s what the accelerometer does. It acts as a gyroscope

This recommendation worked for an Android device recently.

Note 2 has a gyro, unlike his device.

I’ve sent you a pm. I’m not going to argue with you here.

I suggest going to settings-controls-restore defaults

Had this this morning. Restart your device and all will work fine.

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Also had this issue. Agreeing with @ewanfleming, a restart is needed.


Maybe try Calibrating?? I’ve had a similar problem when the yoke won’t move at all, in that case try restating like @ewanfleming said!

Hope this helps.

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