Problem with sound

Anyone had any problems with sound? I can hear ATC but not the aircraft sounds. Solutions please.

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maybe you switched it off in settings. try restating your device or uninstalling the app

Hello there!
Could you try to go in your Infinite Flight settings, then click on audio and check if both sliders (SFX and ATC volume) are up? If they are both already up, try to restart your device.

Let us know how it goes. Thanks! :)

I have the same problem I can hear the airplanes but not the ATC.

This happens to me somtimes

A quick restart of your device may solve your problem.

I’ve tried everything suggested above, problem remains.

Is this while on the ground? Please keep in mind that others may have their engines off.

I had that issue pre-global, i had to re-install IF and it worked instantly, perhaps thats worth a try?

I’m in the process of reinstalling the app, see if it solves the problem.

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It’s seems like that when your engines are off are you sure have you turned on the engines

Maybe your device is on silent… I don’t know if this affects all game audio or just engine noise…

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