problem with sharing my replay

Hello. I can’t to share replay of my flight. It writes to check the sim card…
Samsung tab a.

Are you trying to text it? If so can you send other texts?

Hey there, make sure you have checked your storage system. There could be a mistake between the internal and external storage in your Sim card. Make sure to clear your storage in your device.

Also, can you please provide this information with any relevant screenshots if possible? Thanks!

The problem that I haven’t sim card…

I pushed one of options to share, I don’t remember which one, and from it I have this problem
It doesn’t give me options to share now… only write to check sim…

Seems like the device’s system can’t catch on what you are requesting. There is a problem with the device, as I am guessing.

How about try and restart your device. Maybe this can refresh the problem.

Please state the version of your system. Check for any system updates and make sure your device (And Infinite Flight) is fully up to date. You can also look up the device compatibility for Infinite Flight.

Also try reinstalling Infinite Flight. I am not an expert on Android devices unfortunately but I hope these few steps help.

A factory reset is possible if the problem won’t change and gets much worse. But that is your choice if you mind. ( Sorry for a little late reply, was in a school activity at that time) :)

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Hey there, I would reccomened using to share your replays.

It didn’t help. Before that I pushed the one of options to share I saw all list of options. Now I see only check sim…

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Hey, what do you exactly mean with the “list of options you are seeing” ?

Options like to send mail/send wats up/and another
So I pushed one of the options - don’t remember which one - and now there is only ‘‘check sim’’

We need to see what your screen looks like immediately after pressing share in infinite flight.

It is russian. Wrote to check sim-card

If you don’t have a sim card, you may need to get one or borrow one from someone and see if it works.

What device are you on?

Samsung tab A

Strange. If you don’t mind losing the replay file you have, you can try to uninstall and reinstall. Sometimes this will reset the rights and maybe then ask where to save your replay.

With sim card from my phone it works. But I don’t use sim card on tablet…
Without sim card it will not work?

That is more of an issue with the device and the operating system. Some devices require the sim to store anything not directly related to an app. Sharing/exporting probably falls under that category.

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Thank you for help

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