Problem with screenshots and videos

After I post one photo on the topic I go to post another one and it says no photos or videos.

Is this a message from IFC or your device?

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My device when I click the mountain button and then camera roll.

What category is this in?

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Screenshots and videos.

@tyleraviator99 I think that has nothing to do with IFC when the message comes from his device :)

Can you show a shot of what it looks like?

Ah I understand, ya I did post one late yesterday.

No, I think their referring to it being in this same post

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Could you possibly expand on this or show us a video? It’s a bit confusing.

@tyleraviator99 there are no restrictions on that, it’s just a rule you are expected to follow. 🙃


Can’t, I got a screenshot but it’s still saying no screenshots or videos.

Are you on an Android or Apple device?

Hey @StormyAviation,

I guess this is a problem with your device. Their is nothing that community can do in it.
Rest you can try rebooting your phone. It is the best way to go through any problem. It will definitely work 😉

Cheers !

@StormyAviation Can you upload videos somewhere else, like Instagram or Slack?

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Apple, IPad mini2 IOS 12.4.7

I don’t have an Instagram account and I only have slack for Civil Air Patrol.

If it’s a problem, maybe you can change the category :)

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@StormyAviation That’s only an example. Can you upload pictures anywhere other than IFC?

No @shyllberg made it a meta.

Videos wise, I’ve never been able to upload a video straight to discourse. I think you have to upload it to YouTube as either public or unlisted and paste a link. Not sure about images though

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Well firstly I would recommend taking a few minutes to do a Software update. Secondly let’s get some more info, you click the button while writing a post. (The one with a mountain and a Sun). You click the add files button, correct? Is it at that point where no photos are showing up?

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