Problem with rudder

Whenever I lift my device to rotate during takeoff i’m unable to use the rudder to maintain runway centerline. This often makes me veer off the runway. What can I do to stop this?

It may be an issue with your screen. To test this out, turn on “touches” in settings, touch the rudder, and if there’s no white circle appearing, there’s an issue with your screen inputs.

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I’ll try that. Gimme a min

Do you have your ailerons into the wind slightly if it’s a crosswind? While rotating in a crosswind you need some aileron into the wind or the wind will contribute to the drift.

The rudder works when I’m taxiing. It’s only when I rotate that it doesn’t work.

You may need to touch it harder, you never know.

Perhaps you could examine your device’s screen, maybe fix/adjust things as necessary.

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So I just tried and it does not appear that i’m pressing the rudder when I am pressing on it. Very weird indeed. What should I do?

Check your screen, and if necessary, take it to a shop for examination.

But it’s so weird that it only happens when I’m rotating. It always works when taxiing. What could possibly cause the rudder to not work?

Maybe since you’re focusing on taking off, you may not be touching the rudder hard enough for it to register…?

Also check to make sure you have auto coordination off. Having it on can mess with things

I turned on touch accomodations to see if that can help

I tried but nothing changed. I don’t think i can bring my device to apple for such a minor issue.

If you’re using a screen protector, perhaps check that out.

Not using that too

Good news! After doing multiple attempts, I have been able to find a workaround to the issue: I press and hold the rudder before I spool up the engines for takeoff and I’m able to use it when rotating. It makes sense because the tactical contact is already established and is being maintained while I rotate because I hold on the rudder during the whole time I’m taking off. In the other scenario, there was no tactical contact with the rudder and I couldn’t establish it whilst rotating.

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