Problem with Renewal

I always buy 1 month Subscriptions to live. On March 12 my subscription ran out. Today I went to CVS to buy a $10 Google Play Gift Card. All is well. I go to Infinite Flight and continue to buy my 1 month Sub. App says payment is confirmed and I get a confirmation email from Google Play. I then try to fly Love and is says I have no Active subscription. I then try to purchase Sub again, it tells me I can’t purchase because I already have a subscription. I then check my Google play balance and it is at $0. So I pretty much just wasted $10. I could cancel Subscription but it wouldn’t refund me until my next billing period in a month. The problem is I want to fly tomorrow. I worked hard for my money and just threw it down the drain. Can anyone help?

It might take a moment for the purchase to register.

Make sure you have the latest edition of IF (19.1 is out).

If all doesn’t work delete the app and reinstall. This is something you should always do when troubleshooting.


Please see below:

Try refreshing Infinite Flight. This happens to me all of the time! If it persists. Sign in and sign out of your account. Alternatively, delete and reinstall the app.

Okay. I just did that here is what happened. It put the renewal on a new account.Screenshot_20190314-152606

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That we can fix, no worries.
What is your primary accounts callsign and display name?

Try logging out and logging in again. The problem should be corrected. If it persists. Alert a staff member.

Press Link Account at the bottom right hand corner.

You haven’t noticed after 2 posts that I’m already here? ;)

My Display name is IFC - TCHeincy

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No, that is not what he should do.

I did. However I still think Google is both a better friend and faster than your human reflexes.

@schyllberg My display name is IFC - TCHeincy and I don’t know what my Callsign is

@TCHeincy - all good now! It’s now been transferred to your primary account.