Problem with recording videos

I can’t record videos on my phone… How can I solve it?
My phone:
Samsung galaxy s6 32gb
3gb ram
Android Version 6.0

Sorry I don’t use Android, but I might be able to help! It could be a problem with the RAM on your phone, but you have the s6 with 3gigs of ram, so that is not the problem. It also could be the output file or recording process that is unsupported, again I don’t use Android, so I’m not sure how to fix that. Try reinstalling the app and see if that helps!

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Now I reinstall it😊

No, it doesn’t work

Sorry Ezio, I’m not sure how to help you any further. Please check with the developers or other users that have solved this problem using the Support section. I hope you get your issue fixed. Just remember that there are other screen recorders on the Play Store!

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You can contact the devs via the IF homepage. :)

I would have said what @bensonb said it’s great advice, try restarting your phone maybe. See if that works

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