Problem with profile photo

I reuploaded it, restarted Safari and my device, but there is still that ‘P’ in the corner. Can you help me?

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That is the user card background, not the profile photo.

To find where you can change your profile picture go to the ‘account’ section.

Then, continue to scroll down until you reach the part where it says ‘profile picture’ and there you can upload a new photo by clicking the button beside it.


Hope this helped!


Ok i see the problem.
When you are in you edit profile pic you need to save changes.
Then you should have you amazing profile pic.

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Try changing photos, that usually works for other people, including me! But, if you have more trouble, contact a admin or staff.


Thanks! But it worked (you can see my profile photo) and a mod can close this topic.
Thanks to everybody!