problem with pops-up

Hello, my query is because if you leave a pop-up for a long time and this is not closed, and when the simulator closes it does not reconnect. Thanks, I need your help because it has happened many times

Hey 👋, sorry I find your question a bit confusing, could you please elaborate on it a bit more? Thanks bro!



This is unfortunately out of our hands. A popup like a battery warning or similar will cause the app to be paused by the operating system. If the app remains paused for a longer period of time, the connection will be broken and the previous session won’t not be possible to resume as the timeout have expired. In some cases, the app will even restart completely.

Personally, i put my device in Do Not Disturb when doing longer flights and make sure there’s enough power in it to avoid this. Not much else can be done I’m afraid unless Apple or Google make the necessary changes to iOS and Android.

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Oh I understand, thank you very much for the explanation and recommendation, I will use the given recommendation. Thanks for your time

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