Problem with planes except for 787’s, and 747’s

I am having problems with airplanes expect of 787’s and 747’s. Every time i go on another plane expect for those 2 I get lag.

Lag eh?

What’s your device?

Did you try restart the device and app, or redownload the app?

For starters try restarting your device, perhaps when playing with any other aircraft have your graphic setting and screen resolution very low.

Chill out with the questions I have done everything lower the graphics, low everything, restart my device, and I use iPad Pro

If you were to include all information necessary to begin with, people would not need to ask several follow-up questions.

I’m still not sure exactly what the issue is? Elaborate as much as possible.


Ipad Pro? This shouldn’t happen, did you delete and reinstall the app?

btw, only you should chill out. People can’t help you without information about the device and what did you already tried, and again, people tried to HELP you just because they are nice

I’m not really an expert in this field, but how is the storage on the device? Your performance could be slower if you don’t have much storage left.

Never mind now it works but thanks though

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