Problem with payment method

hello, good evening everyone, it’s a pleasure to greet you, I have a problem and it’s that I can’t make the payment for the membership through the play store, do you know if there is another payment method?

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Apple IOS or what device

Is your bank account/credit card or whatever form of payment you use connected? Also make sure it is still valid


Infinite Flight has no power over failed transactions. It’s between you, your card issuer, and the respective app store.

However, hopefully you can be helped. Declined transactions may come with a prompt. At first instance, try that. If not, you may wish to: re-add your payment method, clear Play Store cache, et cetera. If you want steps for these, just reply so.

Simplest problem may be insufficient funds, an outdated payment method, or the wrong type of card. Double-check you have enough on there, and that the card is current and accepted by Play Store.