Problem With OTHH 16R Runway on ILS Landing

Hello, I flight tiwce to airport OTHH, there is a problem of runway 16R on ILS landing. When APPR system active (Green: LOC GS), Airplane just cant follow the center direction to runway 16R, always fly the right of center line and landing on the right grassland of runway, but VS and speed is good. Can anyone help me figure it out? Thank you !
(PS: I use 777-300ER , already choose I16R and change nav1 automaticly when APPR active)

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I believe the ILS at OTHH is a known issue

Really? Im a new player on this game, this is my first time meet this issue .

Don’t worry though, it appears this issue is only really apparent at OTHH so this will most likely not be an issue at any other airport you fly to (as long as it has ILS G/S of course)

OK, thank you for telling me.

No problem


This problem has been reported before. The airport editing team has been made aware of this issue, but for the moment, it’s not something we’re able to fix, until the system we have for airport editing, allows us also to edit the navigation aspects. Here’s a detailed explanation from one of our editors:


Thank you!

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