Problem with Oceanic Tracks

I observed a problem with Oceanic Tracks since the day of the Canadian event. During the event, I wanted to take a souithern track but couldn’t see so had to take a northern track then.

Before there were more ways from east to west and now only 2 or 3 and most others are from west to east.

And sometimes (even now, I’m currently using Oceanic Track B), all the tracks dissapeared. Currently I just see 2 Oceanic Tracks, A and B from east to west…

I never seen this issue before.

Additional question: Will there be more Oceanic tracks in Infinite Flight? Like the EUR-SAM corridor passing by Africa to South America, and other parts of the world?

Hey there!

Infinite Flight get’s the oceanic tracks from live data. They are based off real world data and Infinite Flight cannot modify them unfortunately.

If you want to read more here is a development post: Oceanic Tracks

Here is a tutorial to use them: Oceanic Flying Tutorial

Here is a user guide side about Oceanic Tracks: Oceanic Flying | Infinite Flight

Also as far as I know there are no tracks between Africa and South America.

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Thanks for the links, but my question wasn’t how to use the oceanic tracks, I felt like it’s a bug because the existing tracks are not visible anymore.

Like I said. They are updated live and can change in app at any point. Also those links do not just teach you to use them, they explain a lot more about them and how they can change and how it they get it. ;)

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And for the Africa and South America tracks, I meant the EUR-SAM corridor, my bad it is not Africa, just passing by the edge of Africa.

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Thanks a lot! It’s good to know that it’s updated constantly and it’s not a bug.

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No worries!

Just to add to what was already mentioned above, I remember that there were trans-pacific oceanic tracks, though they are no longer in the game. I do look forward to it being added back in though, they were great to use when flying between North America and Asia.


Your right. That was when the system just came out. I’m confident they will be back sooner than later.

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