Problem with nose pitch during landing with the A320...

Hello, can someone please help me with my landing problem ? When I tried to land with 787 and a320, after flaring, I can hold the nose up for a while and lay it down slowly with the 787 , but when I turn back to the a320, I couldn’t keep the nose up and it just slam to the runway intermediately after the main gear touchdowned. Why is it like that ? Thanks for answering my questions.

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I honestly don’t know 🤔 I’ve never had this problem before and I fly this aircraft a lot! I just know how to fly the plane correctly but I don’t know how to fix problems like this.

P.s I edited your title slightly because I’m a perfectionist!

If your speed is too high, you might be touching down fast which is causing you to force the nose gear down without even realizing it. Have you tried holding off to bleed airspeed and flaring before touchdown? Your flare should allow your mains to touch while your nose emails in the air.

If your speed is too low, you might be stalling as your mains touch which is causing the nose to drop unexpectedly.

I normally touchdown with 130knots normal weight but still the nose slam down itself…

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Yeah same problem here…don’t know what went wrong with my landings…

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If you don’t arm the spoilers until you nose touches down it doesn’t slam as quick. Still hard to keep up though.

I normally have some nose up trim (20-30%) on landing as this makes it more controllable at low speeds and stops the nose slamming down.

Yeah, I also have that problem.

So after testing the aircraft I figured out that the problem is the aircraft because that is the natural motion of it but if you want the nose up
Longer just come at a steeper approach and land like the ground is a 0.5mm pice of glass 1 mile long

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