Problem with New Update Callsigns

Air Asia not so much. You don’t have to use " Air Asia" it’s basicly you just use Asia…, short and sweet.

For Jetstar (normal) it’s JQ… Or Jetstar…, for jetstar Asia I personally use JQAsia…

@Jaden_Bezzel… " Max Sends you greetings; The Phonetic Alphabet your using is correct/acceptable for Aeronautical purposes. In the States it is referred to as the Military Phonetic Alphabet which differs from the Police/Fire Phonetic eg: A=Adam B=Boy etc. (See wiki for the rest.)

For Lufthansa go to airlines then click Lufhtansa, then in ID put 6EN

Same thinG for the BA one

Tells me to put in numbers only :(

My callsign is Transavia 15, forever

If I could mention another topic about that…

Oh, that worked for me before