Problem with my refunded purchase

So I bought the A330 on Saturday British time. I then asked apple for a refund on Monday. I got my refund today. I got £3.99 back to my apple account. But I still have the A330 available.

This picture was taken after the refund. I took this several minutes ago.

FDS if you could take this back because this is practically stealing. But stealing is wrong so you deserve to have this aircraft back.

Device: IPhone
iOS: 10.1.1
IF version: Latest

Thank you


The game only notes that it has been purchased, and doesn’t lock it again. It only tracks out going purchases, not refunds. If you want to get rid of it, delete it and reinstall it. Then restore purchases.

Free aircraft for you! ;) <- joke by the way!


No because that is stealing then shall I feel bad. ;-). But thanks for your advice!


Reintall will fix it. :)

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Good on you for honesty!


That happened to me when I refunded a purchase on X-plane, I’ve still got the plane though. I think this is just a bug on apples part.

No its an issue with both androids and apple devices, i bought the 787-10 and refunded only to find the aircraft still there with the money refunded to my account. I thought it was a bug and uninstalled and downloaded the app again, and it was gone, Think about it this way, IF downloads the game to your phone, when you refund the purchase, IF can’t just take it off your phone storage , yet hehe. Luckily David is smart and makes sure you can only have one in-app purchase refunded otherwise someone can buy and refund all the IAP’s and still have them. Can;t wait for the day IF can lock planes after they are refunded,

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What do you mean by one refund. Does that mean that I can’t refund anything again if I refund one purchase?

yes, david doesnt allow it

Even if I uninstall the app? Does this only apply to IF?

what do you meand?

So I can’t refund anything ever again?

after one refund yes

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Is it only for IF or all apps too?

No only IF

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Problem fixed! I longer have the A330 available!

This was taken a few minutes ago. Thanks @Giacomo_Lawrance ! I’ll get the A350 if it ever comes.


Hmmm, if i buy all the aircraft in ten game and get refund (The cats have an idea)


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Well mabey teh a340

Joking of course

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