Problem with my redmi note 9s

Since I bought my phone about 1 year ago I can’t do a long haul flight of more than 6 hours
I fly with all graphics settings totally reduced
After an indefinite time of flight the screen freezes and then ends up with an error message explaining to me that “Infinite flight has stopped working” I would like an opinion from people who have the same Phone and tell me if they have the same problem or not because it is very problematic knowing that I am in a virtual VA
I hope I was able to be clear enough in my words and I am waiting if possible for an answer that can finally help me to have an optimal gaming experience.

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Specs of the phone ?

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 S 6Go 128Go Version mondiale Smartphone Snapdragon 720G Octacore 5020mAh

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Do you by any chance know if your phone is 64bit? I read the Note 9S is partly still 32bit which would make your device not supported. But looking at the specifications of your device, it should normally be capable of flying in IF, maybe only on low graphics settings, but still

Its 64 bit

“Infinite flight do not answer”

Have you maybe modified your phone in a way? So maybe rooted your device?
Maybe your download was incorrect as well. Have you tried reinstalling?
Is the power-saving mode enabled for Infinite Flight?
How many background apps are running?

what is rooting a phone?
I never reset and I was unaware of the existence of battery saving

I’m trying everything I’m flying tonight and I’ll come back to you tomorrow thank you very much for your help

If you don’t know what rooting is, don’t worry about it!
It may just be that too many apps are open in the background while you’re flying, which causes the app to close due to too little RAM

Great! Rooting your device could be harmful and could hinder IF from working. Luckily you can’t “accidentally root” your device! Just try a few steps I mentioned and hopefully it will work!

thank you very much i will do a long haul tonight i just reinstalled i will let you know

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I did my very first long haul Without crashing I thank you very much for your help

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