Problem with my Bluestacks and the IF ATC

Hello. I would like to report a problem between my emulator (Bluestacks) and the Infinite Flight servers. Every time when I get on a flight, I can’t communicate or receive messages from ATC… Because of this problem I can’t simulate in Expert, because I’m afraid of getting banned for this problem, which is unfair. I use Bluestacks 5 version and I ask for help please.

Bluestacks is not supported by Infinite Flight, so there may be glitches of any kind including the one you describe here. The only way to guarantee everything will run smoothly is by using Infinite Flight purchased from the App Store/Play Store on your mobile device.



Yes, bluestacks isn’t officially supported by Infinite Flight, and it’s a known issue with bluestacks that it doesn’t usually use windows speakers. To fix this, try setting windows speakers as the default audio device.

If the issue isn’t fixed, and audio still muted, check this article

Hope this helps


Hello, thank you so much for your reply. But I believe that this is not the problem, because I can hear the sounds of Infinite Flight perfectly, I just can’t communicate with ATC, I send my takeoff request for example and the request doesn’t reach him… it will be difficult to fix this as IF is not officially compatible with Bluestacks, but I will try as many ways as possible.

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