Problem with my account

I am unable to login to my account or susbscribe to a new one.

Would be thankful for any help with this subject.

Hello! ou are running an older version of Infinite Flight. Live and Live+ are no longer supported. If you have a newer device, or can update the app, I world reccomend you do that so you can get the latest version of Infinite Flight with all of its new features!


The version you are using is pre-global, which means that in-app-purchases are no longer supported. You will need to upgrade to a device that supports the global update (and later) in order to buy a subscription.

If you have any questions regarding a specific phone/tablet, feel free to PM me.

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To follow onto @Starley

With the help of our wonderful community, I have managed to create this device list. If you are unsure about the performance of a certain device, I’d recommend checking this out :)


Thanks for the help all :)