Problem with logging in


Device: Ipad (normal)
Operating system: Latest Ios

I keep getting this error when I try to login to my infinite flight account from my device

Follow this instruction below by Cameron.

Click on Profile > connect > authorize. After that you should be fine.

That should work.

I forgot to mention, this occurs when I press authorise to my infinite flight account (username and password manually - not facebook/google)

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Click profile on IFC, after click on preferences, and after that click on Apps.

Make sure that your IFC have access to your account. Also, don’t forget to screenshot it.

I cannot find the app section in preferences in infinite flight community

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The error comes up after i press authorize here, meaning i cant login on the app

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Have you tried to connect your account under the Associated Accounts text?


You created your account 11 hours ago, posted this topic 10 hours ago.
So as the error suggests, have you used this specific Community account with the app before? :)

No I havent, I was trying to login which gives me the error

You’re trying to sign into an account that doesn’t exist.

To get an account, a subscription needs to be purchased first. An account will then be created for you which you can then connect to your Community profile :)

Oh, so the actual community account (the one im talking on rn) is free, but in game its not

That’s correct :)

(Sad but ok)