Problem with logging in

I’m having trouble logging into my account,it says no active infinite flight live subscription found,as far I remember my subscription is valid until 25-02-2018.hope this can be fixed.below is the screenshots I have taken when logging in.

Can you please provide your device and operating system please? Also your screenshots arn’t showing up.

I’m sorry you are having issues with your subscription. Are you using the right account on which the subscription was purchased on?

Maybe try the “I already have a subscription” button. Is your device connected to the internet?

Yes it’s connected I’m trying to get the screenshot but I’m not sure how to get the screenshot send.i hv already tried the button I already have subscription but still nothing happens

The email I used to log in is my display name is IFAE CAPT BILL and my call sign is Malaysian 8 4 0

To send a screenshot press the upload button then select the picture you want. You have to wait for it to load before you hit reply.

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Maybe try to log out and restart the app.

Have tried all that buddy even I have uninstalled n reinstall the app but still doesn’t work

I am having the same issue

Oh so I’m not the only one.hope this can be solved soon

I keep getting a error message quoting server error 01

Have you tried purchasing the subscription through the IF Website?

Yes I did infact everything was working fine earlier when I logged in about 6hours ago

image same issue

This is something that @Tyler_Shelton or @Mark_Denton will have to address… Sorry I couldn’t help!

We are currently running some backend diagnostics and programs as part of our Global development. Because of this I cannot access our purchase system for a brief period. I believe this may have a negative effect on the end user for a short time but we’ll be back up shortly. Thanks for the patience through these growing pains. 🌎