Problem with livery Air Canada BCS3

Hi guys, first of all, I would like to congrats the developers again for bringing this livery and airplane in 21.8, it is very fantastic

The problem is simple, the paintining is perfect, but the mask is not perfect yet, on the windshield the black paint trespassed the windshield wiper, and in the real airplane this not happen, below here I will show for youse the print for compare

As you can see, the paint invade the windshield wiper

We have too another problem in the side of airplane


Another detail is the rounding on the back of the glass, note that it is well rounded on the real plane, while the IF is for almost straight, on the IF doesn’t have the smooth turn, like an eyeliner

For last, from another angle, youse can see the two issues that I have quote above

I would ask for the devs, if it’s possible fix this little detail, it would be more beauty with this issues fixeds


Unfortunately there will be imperfections in the liveries. Thank you for reporting these minor mistakes. However, due to their nature, small livery mistakes such as a line not being curved to the way it is in real life is not the number 1 priority of the development team. That does not mean they do not care about it though. With this kind of stuff, they usually take a note of it and fix it when they can, but do not expect this to be fixed expeditiously.


Yeah, I know, but as they have fixed the mask of A320 JetSmart I think they can fix this too.
I have hope they can notice this and take a note

To add on to Adam, I’m sure they will. It’s just better to set expectations for this kind of stuff lower as we do not know what’s going on in the background of development.


Well guys, with a photo edit, I made how the mask would be in the A220, see below

As you can see, all details are visible

Well, is this, I don’t have nothing to say more, the topic is made, and the problems are displayed

Again, I hope the devs fix this


Just updated the texture, it should be better now.


Much obliged Laura!

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Now the front looks better indeed , thanks

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