Problem with liveflight connect

My game cannot connect with this thing unless I restart the game. It seems I always have to turn on my computer or liveflight connect before infinite flight was turned on. However, I has about to inbound and I turned on my computer and wanted to connect my joystrick. I am flying with an A346 and there is no APPR. I am hoping someone can fix this bug.

This belongs in #thirdparty as this has nothing to do with Infinite flight. Unfortunately I can’t help you as I don’t use it, but maybe someone else can help.

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Thank you man

I am no expert, but are you using a VPN? Your IP is weird.

No man. Yeah it is weird when I cannot connect them together.

Have you tried to restart your wifi router? It sometimes help…

Yes I did. I am using my phone to be the router but it wouldn’t work. It seems the only way to make it working is to restart the game.

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