Problem with LiveFlight Connect for using Joystick with IF

Hi everyone!

I’ve recently been having some issues with using LiveFlight Connect to use a joystick with IF, and I was hoping y’all could offer some insight.

The problem is just that LifeFlight doesn’t seem to be detecting my iPad. I’ve ensured they’re connected to the same wifi network, and I have that setting for API turned ON in my IF settings.

I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting to the wifi network they’re both on, as well as even trying to use my personal hotspot on my iPhone to connect my computer and iPad to, and that also didn’t work.

Computer info:
I have an HP Envy x360 running Windows 10 OS. I downloaded and am running the version of LiveFlight titled “Windows Executable” that can be found here.

iPad info:
I have an iPad Air 2 running iOS 14.4.2. I have (what I believe to be) the most updated version of IF, which it looks like is 20.03.05. Not sure if it matters, but i DO have a currently active Infinite Flight Live Pro subscription.

I really can’t imagine what the problem is here and i’ve exhausted all troubleshooting I could personally do, especially since it appears that the LiveFlight Connect website and support has been discontinued.
My joystick worked completely fine with my iPad and computer about a year ago.

There are only a few variables that have changed since I last sucessfully used my joystick, and I’m not sure if they are possibly causing the issues here. If any of these are known to cause issues, please do let me know!

Since I last used my joystick, I did get a new computer. I was previously using a dell laptop (unfortunatly I forget what kind). Secondly, since I got a new computer, I had to redownload LiveFlight Connect. So maybe that also caused an issue?

I can’t imagine this is causing it, but maybe the wifi at the college I’m currently at doesn’t allow devices to communicate in the way that LiveFlight Connect requires them to? Last year when it worked I was still living at home, so maybe its the type of network? I have no idea if that makes any sense.

If anyone has any insight whatsoever, please let me know. I can’t seem to find any other means to connect my joystick to my iPad (I saw another application trying to replace LiveFlight, but I tried it and I don’t think it worked either).

Have a great day!

Check out this post ;)

Do you have an antivirus?

I do! I have norton antivirus. I’m currently in the process of figuring out how to see if that is causing problems/how to fix it…

See if you can figure out how to let LFC passed the antivirus

Yeah so I’ve just followed the instructions provided in the article linked by @Aviation108 on how to allow an app through firewall. While I followed the directions properly, it still doesn’t seem to work…

How strong is the connection on both devices?

iPad is connected 3/3 bars, and computer is 3/4 bars

Can you run this test on both devices and tell me what the results for each device are?

Yes! On the computer, it was 130.25 down, and 220.83 up. On the iPad it was a bit worse, at 33.74 down, and 112.4 up

I don’t see how there is an issue… weird. Do you have your joystick plugged in before you run LFC?

I do have the joystick plugged in yes

Ok, you should plug it in after you open LFC

tried that as well just now, no luck

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