Problem with Live Subscription

How long does it usually take for a reply from support . I’ve had nothing so far

Good question,luckily i never had to contact support to now, most issues i can fix on device, i dont know who from the staff is in charge of the payments…Maybe somebody would tell?

I’m itching to get back on but also was gonna buy aircraft but holding off until issue solved

Next time try purchasing the subscription through your devices app store. (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.)

It was Google play I done it through

Not heard a thing from support ? Really want to get back on live aswell as purchase aircraft .

Solved now

Yea? Did support get back at ya, or was is just a payment hanger?

Not heard anything from support . A little disappointed but it’s cool . I got Google pay to refund it and I did it again and it worked straight away

Good mate, cu in live👍

Can I give you my account to buy for me ??

Say what? I cant follow…

Why would someone pay for your live subscription?

How was it solved