Problem with Landing

Hey, I’m new to infinite flight and I was having a problem…when I go to land and check my Grade, it doesn’t say I have landed. Does anyone know have fix this? If so please stay in touch.

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Hey there! Are you on solo? For landings to count you must land on the runway with one main gear touching the runway and be on a live server. Sometimes they take a bit longer to catch up.

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I’m on a live server and I’ve landed about 2 Boeing 747, the 1st one being around 1 hour and ago and the second like 13mins ago… is this normal?

did you land on the runway or just before it or something?

Try restarting your app and it should update your stats as it takes a little to update sometimes.


it takes the server a while for infinite flight to register the landings but if your trying to get you grsde up i recommend using a TBM

The following landing criteria is as followed:

  • No landing (touchdown of wheels) in the last 30 seconds
  • Touchdown has to be on a runway
  • At least one main gear (not steering wheel) touching the ground
  • Ground speed must be above 10kts
  • Landing must be did on a live server

If you follow these criteria, your landings should be added