Problem with landing

Normally I remain my MSL at 3000ft before final. The problem I faced when I did my landing is a little bit too early. If I let the AP mode on before I reach the red blacket what is the best spd, vs and when (how many nm before the runway) I need to set to make a best landing?

See the problem is, each airport has different elevations. If you were at say KLAX and at 3000ft at the red bracket you’d be good. If you were at KDEN you would be eating dirt in the ground. (KDEN’s elevation is 5400 ft MSL already)

The red ILS bracket starts at exactly 3500ft AGL (above ground level - to convert to MSL, just add 3500ft to the elevation of the airfield, and round it), so be around that level when you enter it. I find 170kts to be the optimal speed. If using APPR, wait until the the arrow on your HUD shows you are right on the glide slope, then engage. Smooth landings!


I mean if the elevation between ground and sea level is not too much difference and i remain 3000ft before 10nm before the runway (as I know if my attitude is 3000ft so i need 10nm to decend and my vs set is -1200) but sometime I feel too early with the setting like this

It’s around -700 ft/min but it really really depends of speed in facts. The approach slope is fixed so if you go fast the V/S will be higher than if you go slow. And the problem is that you are suppose to slow down as much as you get close to the runway.
You are suppose to be at 300 ft by Nm above the runway (not sea level). So at 10 Nm you are at 3000 ft AGL (above ground level, not sea level).
Once I didn’t see the 5 in 5,400 ft for Denver. I crashed.

thanks bro i will try it later

I recommend you follow the charts of the runway to which you are going to land. It tells you the height you have to be to enter the glide path, as well as the minimum and the frustrated in case of not being able to land. For example in KJFK Runway 31L:

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