Problem with KDFW

I have a problem with KDFW in IF. So in November 2019 I took a trip to Hawaii and flew through Dallas. My flight to Hawaii was on an American 777-200er and the plane was parked at gate A34. (As seen here)

But when I go into IF it shows the 777-200er unable to spawn in at gate A34. (Seen here)

Gate A24 is the only place where the 777-200er can start at KDFW terminal A.

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Good catch, however this is the least of the devs issues right now. I’m sure it’ll be fixed at a later date :)

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I know it’s not important (especially with 20.1 issues) but I have noticed this for a while as I was preparing to do this flight when 20.1 came out.

The spawns are actually the work of the Airport Editing team. KDFW will be worked on at some point.

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Alright. Well there are certainly many gate issues and size restrictions, not limited to DFW. The airport editing team fix these as they can, however it’s definitely not a priority

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Just so everyone knows I’m more just putting this out there.

Some larger gates requires the neighboring gates to close due to the wingspan of the heavy parking in between. In infinite flight this isn’t simulated as your wingspan violates the parameters of the neighboring gates.

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This is not a developer issue. Airport size restrictions are put in place by the Airport Editing Team. Luckily KDFW is currently being redone by our supervisor @Ryan, these issues should be fixed in the new iteration of the airport when it is updated in the navigation database.


Oh ok thank you for the info.

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