Problem with jet bridges when spawn in

When i start my flight i notice that when im parked at the gate my jet bridge is not connected but the stairs are

Haha that has happened to me before. I would spawn at the gate next to you but I don’t know how you can fix it

what i do is disconnect the jetbridge and then reconnect it. usually fixes it for me

Thanks yeah just did it and its fix but when i spawn in again its back again hopefully they fix it next update so the jet bridge is connected not the stairs

What airport and gate is this at? We cannot look into an issue if basic information is not provided.

If you could share the airport, aircraft type and gate number you are having issues at it will help the editing team massively….

It was at Tokyo gate 109 international i think it has also happen in Sydney as well in all different gates

Yeah… the gate number would be helpful. Also what server was this done on? If it was done on solo, than that aircraft might be too big or smth to fit at that said Gate.

Completely unrelated, nice picture. Thought it was real for a minute lol

Hi yeah it was in Tokyo gate 109 in international i think i was on the expert sever and its also happened in Sydney as well in all different gates and with the picture yeah infinite flight looks good

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