Problem with Infinite Flight pro subscription

I already paid for one month pro, but IF Insist I don’t have pro subscription. I try to restore purchases, log out and log in, restart iPad, just can’t fly online, how to fix it?

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Are you signing in with the same account (Facebook or google) on which you bought the subscription?

Of course, you can see my IF call sight and grade info on the picture

Why were you flying at Hong Kong on TS?

Seeing you restored, logged out and logged in and restarted iPad, the only thing I can suggest is reinstalling the game.
And maybe turn off your VPN

I guess maybe some data of my account conflict make this happen? Because I am using iOS and android devices, and I have bought pro on google play for other account. Need administrator to resolve this problem

I’d try deleting and reinstalling the app. It usually works for me.

Just reinstalled, still can’t fly online

Who should I contact to fix this problem? Any one knows? I’ll be appropriate!