Problem with infinite flight pro subscription

Ive been having trouble purchasing a subscription for infinite flight, ive checked and i have to global update but it will not let me purchase the pro version, whenever i try purchase it, it says “the item you want to purchase is unavailable”.

You already made a few threads on this same topic.
Your question was answered here. Wasn’t it?

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No it hasnt because i checked and i have the update and my device is compatable

Once again will you show us a picture of the purchase screen, as well as the app version?

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What do u mean by purchase screen and how do i find the app version

Hi man,

In general your support request needs to be filled in according to the format below for fast and accurate service.

The moderators can’t fix your problem if they don’t have the entire picture. Good luck.

Please fill free to edit the request you just made so everyone’s clear on what’s going on.

The app version can be found in the play store or in about in the upper left hand corner. The purchase screen is the one you will click on which package you want. 1 month 6 month or 12 month.

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Are you trying to buy it from a website or from within the app itself?

He needs to purchase a subscription so that won’t help.

Could be a billing problem on his side that his credit card won’t complete the transaction that’s why he might be getting that error

Now that we have obtained all the information required to help you I’ll leave it to staff to resolve the issue. I’m not sure what you have going on.

Am making a passionate plea to FDS to please make it easy for us to purchase subscription through infinite flight Web site. That option was a lot easier and more convenient to make purchases. I know the guys at FDS has a listening ears and will respond.