Problem with In App purchase

i want to buy 1 month account for ~10€ but i get just an error msg. that the purchase failed.
this msg i get on my ihne as well as on my ipad pro. i already delete and reinstalled the app many times, but that didn’t help.
any ideas?
rgds Max

Can you please provide some details on the error message you are receiving? A screen shot would be great.

Maybe it could be a connection problem

Firstly, make sure the purchase hasn’t actually gone through.

When you make a Purchase on an Apple Device, they send you an email with the receipt of the purchase.
If you have been charged for the purchase, I’d say send a screenshot of it to the infinite flight support.
Send a screenshot of the error shown.

Maybe check your balance and then redownload If. This issue sounds more like an app store problem if that doesn’t help redownloading it then please sign out of your account and sign back in. Also what are you using if your using an gmail account then sign out and sign back in. If using Facebook I’m not experienced with that. If you need more help I’ll be here. :)

If he redownloaded it many times, how can have connection issues? That gets honestly beyond my understanding;-)

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Did you have proper funds to buy it?

Folks, its been a day since the OP posted. Let’s wait here and look for a response.



I think This might have to be closed it’s been 5 days.