Problem with IFATC recruitment

Good evening the whole community

I have a problem with my recruitment for IFATC.

In fact I have contacted my recruiter for a month already for my practice test but since I have received no response.

Fortuitously, I noticed today that he was no longer listed as an IFATC recruiter.

So I wonder what procedure I must now follow, should I contact a new recruiter or always wait.

Thank you in advance…!

I recommend contacting another recruiter.

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Hi there, who did you originally contact?

Brandon_Sandstorm was my recruiter.

And can you remember how far in the process you got?

Just send a quick message to another recruiter of your choosing (Bluepanda, Josh and Manny are all about the same time zone as Brandon, but you can pick any listed in the recruiting topic) I would include just a quick backstory about contacting Brandon and also include all your stats listed in the recruiting topic.

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I see you also sent me a PM regarding this. If you could please give me an opportunity to assist you rather than duplicating efforts with the same question in multiple spots.

As a few mentioned, Brandon is no longer with us on the recruiting team. We did try to pass off all existing recruits he had but it is very likely you slipped through the cracks. Pick someone else, let them know where you left off along with the required information and lets get you on board! Thanks for the patience and good luck!



Thanks for your return.

I just contacted a new recruiter with the required information and the ones you suggested to me.


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